Benefits and Functions of Smart BMI Scale


        If you are health-conscious, choosing healthy food, exercising regularly and not seeing the changes, it may be time to assess your body fat percentage. When you’re trying to lose weight, knowing and measuring body fat is equivalent to measuring your overall weight. That’s because healthy practices, like exercise, can build muscle. Gained muscle mass can make the number on the scale stay the same or, in some cases, increase, even if you’re losing fat and becoming more toned.

So if you want to know your weight progress and learn every data that you want to know about your body, I want to convince you to get the CrabTek Smart BMI Scale.


So first, what is the Smart BMI Scale?

     A smart BMI scale is an app controlled scale that measures your body weight and other body composition metrics like body fat, body water, and often body mass index (BMI) then sends them wirelessly to an app like our CrabTek Home APP that automatically records the data. 

What are the advantages of it?

  • Highly Convenient: If you have your own smart BMI scale, you can use it anytime you want. You do not need to visit your doctor all the time to find out about your body composition since you can have all the data on your smartphone.

  • Advanced: If you choose the smart BMI scale, you will notice that it is more advanced compared with any analog body scales found in the market. The readings are pretty simple to read off the LED display. You can also use these scales in the dark since again it is a LED display. You can also sync the data with your smartphone with the help of CrabTek Home APP.

  • Diverse Features: Analog scales will just tell you your body weight and nothing else. But with the smart BMI scale, it will tell you much more than your body weight. It also tells you about your muscle mass, body fat, and various other measurements that you can use in making an exercise plan and ways to reduce fat and personalized diet. It also has an automatic comparison of your daily measurement data so you can witness your daily efforts and changes.  One more important feature of this is, you can use it with your loved ones. Because it can memorize the data of 10 persons. From that, you don’t need a lot of smart BMI scale and instead, you can share it with them. 


Adding a smart BMI scale to your own or even on your family’s health-management plan can give you motivation to stay healthy and keep the good body weight. It can help you reach your fitness goal and even together with your family.



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