Benefits of a Smart Pet Feeder

Does your pet wake you up in the morning eager to eat breakfast? Do you feel guilty when you can’t make it home in time to feed your furry friend? Is your pet overweight? Does your pet eat too fast? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, consider switching to an automatic pet feeder.

Here are some reasons why getting an Automatic Pet Feeder is a MUST these days.

1. No More Guilt - Feeders give you peace of mind knowing your pet will be fed whether you're at work or away. A late meeting is easy to work into your schedule when you know your pet will get fed the same meals he always gets.


2. No More Early Morning Wake-Up Calls - Pets often associate you with food, which can lead to being awoken or greeted by a hungry, stressed pet. Pet feeders give your pet each meal automatically without you being present. This means a lot when you need your time to sleep or just relax. Your pet will learn the routine of going to the feeder for food instead of going to you.


3. Easy Weight Management - About 55% of dogs and cats are overweight, which can lead to serious health risks including heart and respiratory disease, kidney disease, and diabetes. Automatic feeders help provide proper weight management by giving your pet the portioned feedings they need.

The Crabtek Pet Feeder can keep your pets eat on schedule by controlling the feeding times anytime and anywhere- by just using your smartphone. It has a built-in HD camera, you can see your pet by using Crabtek Home App. It also has a 2-way audio feature that lets you communicate with your pet easily while you are away.

Get your very own Smart Pet Feeder in here!CrabTek Automatic App Control Google Assistant Siri Pet Feeder with Wide Angle Camera FDW050


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