Create the ultimate home experience

We use mobile phones to control smart devices to create the ultimate home experience.


Network key to open the door

According to the check-in authorization time, we can open the room door lock through the applet / application. If you use a Bluetooth door lock, you can also open the door via mobile phone Bluetooth.
1. Card-free check-in
2. Remote network unlock
3. Bluetooth direct connection unlock

Device quick control

The device in the sleeping room can be quickly switched on and off through the applet/web app, and the smart device can be deeply controlled and adjusted based on the standard control panel.
1. Device partition classification display
2. Quick switch equipment
3. Depth control adjustment

Intelligent scene control

Sleeping room equipment can be set up for scene linkage to create a personalized hotel experience. We can switch and control the smart scenes in the guest room through their mobile phones.

1. Smart scene linkage
2. Smart mode quick control



CrabTek is a globalized internet company that has a products designed in US & produced in China. Bringing smart supplies & AIoT products in the PH by partnering with world's top high technology companies. We aim to help Filipinos save time & energy by using our APP in controlling smart appliances.

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Wow , Amazing !



This is our future trend. In the future, we can all control our home with mobile phones.

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