CrabTek 1080p HD Night Vision for Baby/ Nanny / Pet Wi-Fi IP Camera w Home Surveillance System Human & Motion Detection Alert 2 way audio Smart CCTV

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  • SpecificationPower DC 5V +-10%
  • Microphone: Capture Sound for Video
  • Status Light : Solid red light on - the camera is turning on or malfunctional
  • : Blinking red light - awaiting WiFi connection (slowly blinking) connecting the WiFi (quickly blinking)
  • : Blinking blue light - currently connecting
  • : Solid blue light on - the camera runs correctly
  • SD Card Slot: Support local SD card storage (Max.128G)
  • Reset: Press and hold on for 5 seconds to reset the camera

The CrabTek Smart Camera Mini Version helps you to secure your home. You can flip your video stream vertically anytime for maximum flexibility. Motion sensors will notify you when movement is detected.. You can use our CrabTek Camera Mini Version in complete darkness with no interruptions because of its powerful night vision.

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